Extron AV Systems Enhance Guest Experience at Wyndham 5-Star Resort & Conference Center

Extron offers all of the high-quality products Wyndham required and the engineering expertise to ensure we could meet the tight deadline.

Tran Van Chuong, Director at Duy Hoa Phat Corporation


Wyndham Grand KN Paradise Cam Ranh is a five-star resort located on the Cam Ranh Peninsula in Vietnam. This breathtaking destination features a 27-hole golf course with a swing academy, sumptuous spa and workout facilities, numerous pools, a beachside club with live entertainment, four gourmet restaurants, and a professional yet elegantly appointed conference center. To enhance the hospitality capabilities of the conference center and restaurants, Wyndham decided to upgrade the AV systems in these spaces.

System requirements for the 10,764-square foot (1,000-square meter) conference center included high-performance AV switching, wired and wireless AV connectivity, and streaming support. Intuitive system control was essential. All equipment visible in the room had to blend in with the environment and not detract from the stunning, contemporary Vietnamese décor. With a short design and installation timeline of just three months, Wyndham brought in the Duy Hoa Phat Corporation to integrate a full complement of products from Extron.


The Wyndham Paradise Cam Ranh conference center offers a sophisticated space that includes a ballroom with an adjacent control room, a training facility, and three VIP meeting rooms that easily seat 20 people. Deployed in each room is an Extron AV switching system that is carefully scaled to meet the requirements of the space.

Ballroom Offers Robust Matrix Switching

At the heart of the ballroom application is an Extron DXP 168 HD 4K PLUS matrix switcher. This specific 16x8 HDMI switcher model was selected because it had the ideal combination of features and capabilities, including support for 4K/60 HDMI with 4:4:4 color sampling at data rates up to 18 Gbps, HDR, and HD lossless audio formats. The matrix switcher de embeds the encoded bitstream audio and sends it to the sound system over the digital S/PDIF outputs. Extron ShareLink Pro gateways enable wireless connections to the system.

A selection of DTP® transmitters and receivers facilitate signal extension where needed. To offer convenient yet discreet AV connectivity, nine Extron DTP T UWP 4K 232 D transmitter wallplates installed at strategic positions along the walls send signals to the matrix switcher. This two gang unit provides HDMI, VGA, analog audio, and control connectors. Switching among the inputs is automatic, allowing another presenter to connect to the system with ease. The transmitter also embeds any audio signals into the video stream, which simplified installation.

The system also includes an Extron DTP T HD2 4K 330 transmitter rack-mounted in the control room. Its selectable output is set to HDBaseT, sending video and control signals directly to the HDBaseT input on the 18,000 lumen projector. This streamlined integration and reduced cost by eliminating the need for a receiver at the projector. Rack-mounted DTP HDMI 4K 330 Tx transmitters paired with DTP R HWP 4K 331 D wallplate receivers support the lobby displays, which are in excess of 300 feet (91.44 meters) from the matrix switcher.

Presenters control the AV system using one of the three Extron TLP Pro 725M 7" Wall Mount TouchLink® Pro Touchpanels. Each touchpanel is connected to the rack-mounted IPCP Pro 550 control processor. The processor translates user selections into commands for the DXP HD 168 4K PLUS matrix switcher, displays, and other AV products. Its three serial/IR ports support the two 65” wall-mounted displays and the media player. In addition to AV device operation, system functions include control of the projector lift, screen, speaker and light fixture hoists, and room lighting.

When a presenter prefers not to control the AV system, an operator monitors and manages the event using a TouchLink® Pro touch panel in the control room. Also, they are able to preview content prior to distribution. For overflow purposes, they can selectively send content from the Ballroom sources to displays within the training and VIP meeting rooms. Other destinations include the lobbies outside of these spaces.

Flexible Presentation Suits A Variety of Meeting and Training Requirements

The AV systems in the training room and each meeting room are built around an Extron IN1608 xi IPCP MA 70 eight-input presentation switcher. This model fit the need for a wide variety of uses, with benefits such as DTP extension, high-performance scaling, and an integrated IP Link Pro control processor. Integration-friendly features such as built-in audio processing streamlined this application as well. One of the switcher's audio outputs connects to an Extron XPA 2001 100V power amplifier which drives the speakers in each room.

The training and meeting rooms utilize the same DTP transmitter and receiver models that are installed in the ballroom. The switcher’s integrated three port AV LAN switch enables local control of the connected AV devices while isolating the AV LAN network traffic from outside interference or intrusion. Connected via the Ethernet port, the support team can also monitor and control the switching systems over the resort’s network.


This Wyndham resort has been recognized as an exceptional destination where sophisticated clientele can easily host upscale conferences and meetings in a luxurious setting. The upgraded AV systems were installed and commissioned within the three-month deadline. The Duy Hoa Phat Corporation credits the speed and successful integration in this short time frame to the professional skills of their employees and the compatibility, flexibility, and high quality of the Extron products.

With its high-performance Extron AV switching systems and advanced technologies that support seamless presentation, the professional conference center ensures Wyndham maintains the five star rating for their opulent Grand KN Paradise Cam Ranh resort.