A boardroom is required to provide seamless audiovisual technology to enable presenters to share information more effectively with meeting attendees. The customer wanted the ability to route any of the AV sources to the displays and a highly reliable and simple to operate control system was needed. The following control solution allowed all the AV devices to be controlled from a very intuitive and simple to use graphical user interface.

Room Needs Assessment


The AV system needs be able to be operated with little or no training. The staff is not AV savvy and relies on their service agreement to service and maintain the AV system. Additionally, the boardroom will be used by multiple clients and vendors that will not be trained on how to use the AV system. It MUST be easy to operate.

Sources and Connectivity

There is one input jack for a laptop, one document camera, one Blu-ray player, and one PC. Each source will be scaled up to provide a high resolution signal.


There are five high definition LCD displays and a High Definition projector. All displays are required to show the same image at all times. A distribution amplifier is required and since the projector and displays are located at a larger distance, twisted pair transmitters and receivers will be required for that.


All the audio from the sources is fed into a digital matrix processor for audio mixing and level control before going to the audio amplifier and overhead speaker system.

Control System

There needs to be a centralized, table integrated control system that uses a touchscreen controller to control the video sources, source selection, audio levels, and video displays. An added benefit would be if the controller housing offered additional connectivity for laptops, power, etc. The touchscreen must be simple to operate and easy to understand. A secondary point of control is also required, which needs to be a wall-mount touchscreen.


The office has a 100BaseT Ethernet network. Network access needs to be provided for the system PC and the laptop inputs.


The reseller needs to supply an operations manual for the remote control system and train the office manager on the operations of the AV system.

Functional Requirements

The users of the AV system must be able to easily power up the AV system, send sources to the display, control the AV sources and audio levels, and shut down the system. The system must also automatically shut down after a user specified period of inactivity.

System Design Solution

Control System Configuration

This system requires the basic capabilities of Global Configurator, including: Certified Drivers, Monitors.

GUI Configurator will be used for the TouchLink Touchpanel Design.

Control System

The AV system will be controlled by an IPL 250 IP Link® Control Processor and two TouchLink™ Touchpanels, TLP 350CV and TLP 350MV. The IPL 250 will control the HD projector, Extron DVS 605 scaling switcher, and Extron DMP 64 via RS-232, and the Blu-ray player and the LCD displays are controlled via IR.


The sources within each boardroom system are a doc cam, Blu-ray player, a PC, and a laptop. All these sources will be connected to the projector via a DVS 605 that will provide a high definition input for the displays. An Extron DVI DA6 Plus distribution amplifier will be used to provide feed to the five LCD displays and the projector.


The system will utilize a high definition projector and a low voltage controlled projection screen for displaying the sources. An RS-232 controllable projector is required so that the controller can send power control commands and receive status using a bidirectional communication line. Considering the distance between the distribution amplifier and the projector, an additional Extron DTP HDMI 301 Tx twisted pair transmitter and DTP HDMI 301 Rx twisted pair receiver will be used.


The audio from all the sources will be played back through the Extron XPA 2001 Power Amplifier and the Extron SI 26CT Ceiling Speakers. Bidirectional RS-232 communication will be used to control the Extron DMP 64 digital matrix processor, which will provide control of audio mixing and levels.